The Key Feature and component of the Half/quarter moon 'Quanshed' Kits
is versatility.  They are a unique product made primarily from wood that is a standard grade, but oddly shaped and cut,
which cannot be sold to the large outlets.  So in essence, we are recycling the wood, instead of allowing it to be
destroyed, making our 'Quanshed' Kits affordable.  They are also portable, easy to assemble and environmentally
 Not just another shed!  

We mentioned versatility, some of the uses of the 'Quanshed' could be as follows:

Because we can produce a kit in various sizes to meet your needs, makes it a desirable product.  Plus the fact that our
product and services are affordable, quick and of the highest quality as well as the 'Quanshed' being portable (able to
be moved) and does not require a foundation.  And most important..............we provide personalized service to you.

                  2007 'Quanshed' Kit Prices

For the three (approximate) standard sized, with duroid rolled roofing, basic (not including taxes or other
options, i.e. floors, vents, windows, other types of roofing, etc.)
'Quanshed' Kit, are as follows:

Delivery charges apply outside of the Blue River, Barriere Boundaries.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the size of the rafters and shape, the maximum 'Quanshed' width is approximately 12
ft. - (For larger widths, call us for more information)

Custom Orders - Price of Kits that are not standard sized as listed above to be
determined when the order is placed.  Kits do not include installation costs.
(This can be negotiated
separately at a reasonable hourly rate.

We accept only Cash, Cheque, or Bank Drafts - Half down and Half at delivery

8'(L)x6'(W) 'Quanshed' Kit - $565.00** (Quarter moon)

8'(L)x12'(W) 'Quanshed' Kit - $795.00** (Half moon)

12'(L)x12'(W) 'Quanshed' Kit - $995.00** (Half moon)

(Prices above are approximate only.... and are subject to change....)
IMPORTANT NOTE** Due to possible increases in material costs, all Prices
above are subject to Change at any time without notice, check out our site
for any changes before ordering, or just give us a phone call **

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Recreational shelters for sports such as: ice fishing, camping,
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