Photo Gallery
Back door view of a completed
'Quanshed' which is being used for a
workshop (in front) and storage (back).  
Unloading the lumber from Wadlegger's -
delivery through (Irly) North Valley Supplies
'Quanshed' Roof & Side view -
duroid rolled roofing material
Quarter Moon 'Quanshed' Display unit
Front view
Roof holds up well under
the weight of the snow
'Quanshed' Garage
with metal roofing material
Painted Storage 'Quansheds'
with metal roofing material
'Quanshed' Playhouse
with metal roofing material
Once more, we would very much like to thank all of you who took the time to come out to our Grand
Opening and first Open House on February 24th and 25th and our Open Houses on March 24th and
April 28th as we continue to introduce our new company DDH Enterprises, located in the Vavenby
area and to have a look, first hand, as well as going inside our unique and versatile 'Quanshed' half
moon and quarter moon displays. We hope our visitors and now new friends enjoyed themselves and
will feel free to drop in and visit us anytime.  Watch for any changes or additions on this website
and in the local flyers and advertisements regarding the next event.  Thanks again for your support.

                                                                                                            :Dale & Dale
Visitors, Don & Reita enjoying the gourmet
hotdogs, and other lunch goodies
Mr. Dale enjoying all the visitors, like Mary above
Checking out the 'Quanshed' displays
with George
Julie & Glen Enjoying the refreshments
Pictures of the Grand Opening, Open House - February 24th and 25th, and Open Houses -
March 24th and April 28th
Mrs. Dale pointing the way!
Vistors, Darrell & Pearl
Walter & Gord enjoying a
complimentary coffee
All pictures are 'thumbnail' sketches, click on each one for larger view
Nice of Nina
to drop by
Tony poses
next to Pearl
Our 'Quanshed
Designer -
Walter McNeilty
Just hanging around, getting acquainted
Miniture Display Models Above
Chris, Dale and Bill in discussion
George just relaxing and listening in
Dale showing Chris inside his workshop 'Quanshed'
Don and Reita and the miniture model
Mini-Quarter Moon
Mini-Half Moon
Chris views the mini-Half-moon model
Walter taking a bite of his lunch
Laurie & Joan enjoying the visit
Reita, Julie & Mrs. Dale (the girls) posing nicely
Dale & Glen having chatl