'Quanshed' Greenhouse Kits
Spring is on it's way, time for Planting....

Our 'Quanshed' Greenhouse Kits are also available.  Ideal for the average
home gardener as well as the small commercial garden centres.  Our
Greenhouse Kits are affordable, easy to assemble and we use only the best
poly covering to protect those young seedlings as they grow to the stage for
planting outside.

Our prices vary depending on the size of Kit ordered.  As with the regular
'Quanshed' Kits, the Greenhouse Kits will be available in the following
(approximate) standard sizes:

10'(L)x6'(W) 'Quanshed' Greenhouse Kit - (Quarter moon)- $480.00

8'(L)x12'(W) 'Quanshed' Greenhouse Kit - (Half moon)       - $600.00

12'(L)x12'(W) 'Quanshed' Greenhouse Kit - (Half moon)     - $750.00

(Prices above are approximate only....and are subject to
change....they do not include installation)

The 'Quanshed' Greenhouse Kits                 also can be sized to order for
Custom sizes.  At this time, due to the size of the rafters and shape, the
maximum width is approximately 12 ft. - No limits on length.
Half/Quarter moon Mini-Model images above
show a 'Quanshed' Greenhouse 6 ml. poly
covering for sample purposes only....  

Actual pictures of an unfinished 'Quanshed'
Greenhouse in the process of construction -
shown below....
Thumbnail Images: 'Click'
on the image to enlarge
Our Location:

337 Bernard Road,
Mailing address:
PO Box 126
Vavenby, BC V0E 3A0

(Please phone first before
sending Fax)
Mini Greenhouse 'Quansheds' -6' W x 8' L- heavy 6 ml. Poly
Completely Constructed and Assembled (Below)
Ready for pick up
(generally, we do not deliver completed 'Quansheds', only Kits - although
will deliver locally for a reasonable delivery charge)
$795.00 - (taxes not included)

'Click' on thumbnails below for larger view....