Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Q. Can you build Quanshed Kits larger than 12'x12'?
A. Yes, we can, but we need to research further. We possibly could build up to 20'
widths - lengths are not an issue.

2. Q. Why don't you build larger Quanshed Kits?
A. Our target is to make a Quanshed affordable for the average homeowner and
small commercial customer.

3. Q. How is the roof structured for a heavy snow load?
A. According to the designer 'Walter McNeilty' - he has built many 'Quansheds' in the
Blue River area which gets a heavy load of snow comparable to almost anywhere in
BC and Alberta, etc. and also can get very cold, as well - they have lasted now over
20 years with no problems - his only suggestion is to put a strip of metal flashing
down the middle for optimum protection against snow build up.

4. Q. What if I have problems assembling the 'Quanshed' even with printed
A. We will have other resources for you to access.
Our Location:

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PO Box 126
Vavenby, BC V0E 3A0

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