DDH Enterprises would like, at this time, to introduce to you, Dale and Dale
Haggerty, (the Dales) partners and managers of our recently created
company.  Mr. Dale, being in the construction trade for over 35 years,
learned to adapt and work in all aspects of the industry, not only as a
Glazing journeyman, but has always shown an aptitude and desire to work
in the carpentry field.  Mrs. Dale, being the right hand of her husband, has
worked in various business office situations for the last 40 years,
experienced in a variety of office duties, before retiring from the eight to
four forty-five day office job and the hectic life style of the Lower
Mainland, moved into the Interior to work as an entrepreneur along side her

DDH Enterprises, is introducing a unique and versatile product into the
construction market and into the local communities.  We have developed a
new name for our half/quarter moon sheds – the
'Quanshed'.  The
'Quanshed', designed by
'Walter McNeilty' is not just another shed, but can
be used for a variety of purposes to suit each customer’s requirements.  It
is also, cost efficient, sturdy, portable and attractive.  The 'Quanshed' will
be sold as a Kit which will be economical for the customer with the option
of requesting our services to build the 'Quanshed' at a reasonable hourly

The first use of the 'Quanshed' that comes to mind is storage.  As
homeowners are staying longer in their residences and require more
storage space, we have a product that will meet all of their needs.  The
recreational community may be interested in the ice-shed and the cabin for
sports-minded people. E.g. Fishing, hunting, and camping.  The 'Quanshed'
can be moved from the ice covered lakes and back onto the ground for
camping purposes.  These are just a few uses.  Basically our main
objective is to serve the customer and provide a product that is easy to
build, easy on the budget, good quality, as well as providing all-round
‘customer-first’ service.

Our costs are very low due to having our business - home-based - allowing
us to offer our customers a 'Quanshed' Kit to suit the budget.
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